Dissolved Oxygen Analyser, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Discover the 9065 Dissolved Oxygen Analyser from PMA

The measurement of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) to determine water quality in a variety of applications such as in liquid or gas. Our portable units which require no calibration for up to 2 years DO and temperature readings. The 9065 dissolved oxygen meter features a wide measurement range; 0-2000ppb (parts per billion) and 0-45ppm (parts per million). You will get no sample interference and will provide excellent and independent results on flow rates. It includes a high-temperature alarm, dual sensor configuration and is very simple to operate.

No matter if you are measuring oxygen in a steam generating plant or a water treatment works, PMA has an analyser to suit your requirements. Our low-level analyser is precisely tailored for high water treatment applications, power cycle chemistry monitoring and much more. The rugged build of the 9065 and compact design ensures greater longevity under any condition.

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