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In the world of Oil in Water Monitoring, precision is paramount. The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor, a product of Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, brings next-generation technology to your fingertips. This revolutionary device, with its industry-leading features and proven track record, has transformed oil in water detection across various sectors.

The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor uses UV fluorescence technology, a method renowned for its sensitivity and specificity in detecting hydrocarbons like diesel, fuel oil, and crude oil in water. This technology allows for a detection range from low PPB to a whopping 6000 PPM, ensuring accurate readings regardless of oil solubility and background conditions.

What is oil in water indicator?

The oil in water indicator, such as our TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor, is a crucial device for measuring the concentration of oil present within a specific volume of water. This device utilises UV fluorescence technology to detect and quantify trace amounts of hydrocarbon compounds, such as diesel, fuel oil, and crude oil, in the water. This parameter is essential across various industries, including wastewater management, oil and gas, and environmental compliance, to ensure the safe discharge of water and protect the environment from oil contamination.

The TD-120, with its ability to detect from low PPB to high PPM levels, provides the consistency, accuracy, and reliability that industries need for precise oil in water analysis.

One of the TD-120’s standout features is its low maintenance requirement. With no sample preparation, reagents, or instrument air supply needed, this device offers an easy-to-use solution for your oil in water monitoring needs. Its LED and optical sensors are designed for longevity, providing over 5 years of operation with minimal maintenance; plus also ideal for a drinking water plant amongst other technologies.

The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is valuable not only in oil and gas industries, wastewater management, water surface, but also in maintaining safety standards in drinking water plants. It can detect and quantify trace amounts of hydrocarbons, ensuring uncontaminated process water. A reliable solution for regular monitoring and safeguarding drinking water quality.

Furthermore, the TD-120’s robust design ensures accurate readings even when there are fluctuations in the water surface, making it a highly reliable instrument in varying operational conditions.

What are the different types of oil in water analysers?

Oil in water monitors come in various types, each with its unique method of detection and measurement. They can be broadly categorised into three types: Infrared (IR) absorption devices, UV fluorescence devices, and spectroscopic analysers.

Infrared (IR) absorption devices utilise the principle of IR absorption to detect oil particles in the water. However, these devices can sometimes incorrectly recognise other substances as oil, leading to a higher chance of false positives.

UV fluorescence devices, such as the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor, use UV fluorescence technology to detect and measure oil concentration in water. The TD-120, with its ability to detect from low PPB to high PPM levels, stands out due to its enhanced specificity and sensitivity in detecting hydrocarbons like diesel, fuel oil, and crude oil in water.

Spectroscopic analysers are high-end devices that utilise spectroscopic techniques to provide an in-depth analysis of the water sample. These devices often come with a higher price tag and require more technical expertise to operate.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, but the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor with its short cable length, UV fluorescence technology, unmatched precision, and hassle-free operation, provides an excellent solution for various industrial applications.

In addition to its other capabilities, the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is particularly adept at detecting aliphatic hydrocarbons, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of water safety across all hydrocarbon categories.

Despite its compact size, the TD-120 packs a punch with its performance. It responds instantly in less than one second and comes with a remote flowcell that allows for easy switching of optical configuration. This design makes it ideal for detecting oil leaks and spills in heat exchangers, boilers, and membrane systems, as well as optimising water treatment systems.

What is oil water interface and oil in water monitoring?

The oil in water interface refers to the boundary where oil and water separate due to their differing densities and polarities. Understanding and monitoring this interface is crucial in various industrial processes, particularly in oil and gas extraction, waste water treatment, and environmental compliance, to maximise efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

Oil in water monitoring, such as facilitated by our TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor, involves the continual surveillance of water sources to detect and quantify the presence of oil. This process is critical in preventing oil contamination in water bodies, ensuring the safe discharge of industrial wastewater, preventing water contamination and complying with environmental regulations.

The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor not only detects trace amounts of hydrocarbons, but it is also capable of identifying visible oil plus lubricating oils, ensuring that even the slightest oil presence in your water source is accurately measured and monitored.

What is the PPM of Oil In Water? The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor boasts an impressive detection range, making it capable of identifying hydrocarbons in water from low parts per billion (PPB) to a substantial 6000 parts per million (PPM).

The TD-120 boasts an internal tablet interface for quick setup and calibration. It also features an internal data logger that allows for a graphical display of oil in water concentration values, past events (alarms, calibrations, setting changes, etc.), and diagnostics. This user-friendly interface ensures you can monitor and manage your systems effortlessly.

Water intakes, whether for industrial applications, wastewater treatment, or environmental monitoring, can significantly benefit from the TD-120’s precision and reliability in oil in water analysis, ensuring the purity and safety of water resources.

The TD-120 is not just about high performance; it’s also about cost-effectiveness. With no need for reagents or additional instrumentation, this device promises a lower total cost of ownership compared to other oil in water monitors on the market. Plus, its maintenance-free design ensures that operation costs are kept to a minimum.

In brief, the TD-120 is a comprehensive monitoring solution designed for industries that require dependable oil in water analysis. It boasts exceptional features and capabilities, ensuring precision, efficiency, and reliability, all while keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum. With the TD-120 Oil Analysis System, you can confidently monitor oil levels with ease and accuracy.

With its robust build and advanced features, the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor finds application across a range of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, marine, and heavy manufacturing among others. Whether it’s protecting boilers from oil leaks or optimising water treatment systems with an early warning system, the TD-120 delivers reliable results every time.

Applications include:

  • Heat Exchangers: The TD-120 is highly effective for detecting oil leaks and spills in heat exchangers, ensuring their optimal operation and extending their lifespan.
  • Boilers: In boilers, the TD-120 can detect oil leaks and spills, which helps in preventing damage to the system and treatment processes.
  • Membrane Systems: The TD-120’s quick response and sensitive detection make it ideal for monitoring oil contaminants in membrane systems, thus protecting these systems and maintaining their efficiency.
  • Water Treatment Systems: The TD-120 is also used for optimising water treatment systems. By monitoring oil in water levels, it aids in maintaining the quality of treated drinking water.
  • Environmental Monitoring: The TD-120 is useful in environmental monitoring applications where there is a need to detect and measure the amount of oil in water to prevent pollution and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Industrial Wastewater Monitoring: It can also be used to monitor industrial wastewater for oil contamination, aiding industries in meeting wastewater discharge standards.

These applications underscore the versatility and efficacy of the TD-120 as an essential tool across various sectors.


In summary, the TD-120 stands head and shoulders above its competitors in the realm of oil in water analysis. With its cutting-edge UV fluorescence technology, user-friendly interface, and cost-effective operation, it offers an unbeatable combination of precision, convenience, and affordability.

Whether you’re in the oil industry or running a power plant, the TD-120 is an investment that guarantees returns in the form of efficient operations and environmental compliance. Discover more about the TD-120 and how it can revolutionise your oil in water monitoring needs today.


Designed for applications such as cooling towers, steam condensate and membrane protection. High accuracy utilising UV LED-based technology.

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