COD and BOD monitoring with the carbo::lyser™ analyser

COD monitoring with the carbo::lyser.

The s::can carbo::lyser™ II monitors two parameters. Choose from either TSS or turbidity and one organic carbon parameters such as COD, BOD, DOC or TOC.

s::can carbo::lyser™ III monitors three parameters. Choose from either TSS or turbidity and two organic carbon parameters from COD, BOD, DOC or TOC.

  • s::can online COD and BOD sensor
  • integrated total suspended solids (TSS) or turbidity measurement
  • ideal for inlet monitoring or effluent compliance
  • also suitable for DOC monitoring in catchment monitoring
  • stable xenon flash lamp for a long product lifetime
  • automatic cleaning with compressed air or mechanical brush
  • mounting and measurement directly in process or in a flow cell
  • direct operation via WLAN or Bluetooth possible – no controller required
  • alternatively operate via an s::can controller
  • Choose the path length for your application – drinking water, raw water or wastewater – 35mm, 5mm or 1mm
s::can online sensor

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The s::can range measures a wide range of parameters in numerous applications. All s::can measuring instruments are developed with the same philosophy in mind: They are intelligent, robust and require little to no maintenance.

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