Hand sanitiser manufacturing and supply to the NHS

Hand sanitiser supplier and manufacturer in a spray or gel.

Our Hand sanitiser has now been approved by the HSE with full BPR Article 55 for the manufacture based on the accepted isopropanol World Health Organisation recipe.

We have started delivering hand sanitiser to NHS hospitals throughout the UK and are supporting new Trusts which require them in a speedy fashion.  This important project brought together our entire company to react quickly and manufacture hand sanitisers which are highly effective and safe to use.

Effective hand sanitiser and safe to use

Our anti-bacterial solution provides a clear and effective method of cleaning your hands when soap and water are simply not enough.

This anti-bacterial gel along with all the short-chain alcohols is a highly efficient substance at destroying the wide range of harmful microorganisms that can linger on your skin. They typically work by splitting or disrupting the metabolism of a pathogen’s cell, effectively destroying the disease-causing agents.

Pure isopropanol is actually harmful and can cause your skin to become dry and crack so the formulation contains glycerine as a humectant to moisturise and prevent skin dryness. Leaving your skin feeling clean and subtle. We also added a small amount of hydrogen peroxide during manufacture and allow the hand sanitiser to sit for 3 days. It is not an active substance in the final product but used to ensure there are no bacterial spores present in the solution.


The WHO hand sanitiser is not a thick gel like other hand gels meaning its possible to decant it into a spray bottle and use it to disinfect solid surfaces such as door handles when your out and about.

Hand sanitiser can be supplied in 1000L IBCs, as well as 25L, 5L and 1L bottles.







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99.9% effective

Our hand sanitiser quickly and easily coats your hands and has a quick drying formula that leaves your hands clean and fresh, whilst the high alcohol content kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your hand within 30 seconds. After 1 minute the hand sanitiser is effective in killing 99.999% of the bacteria.

Additional Services

Bespoke Chemical Manufacturing

Small batch runs with full QA back up and batch traceability as standard are available at a very low minimum order values for this personalised service. PMA help customers from the dental sector through to pharmaceutical and forensics so whatever your requirement, we can help.

Chemical Blending

PMA ltd has an extremely flexible toll chemical blending capability of up to 30,000L that is employed by major chemical distributors and manufacturers throughout the UK. Thermal control of exothermic reactions and filtration of finished products are all options available as standard.

White Label Production

Thanks to a significant investment in new equipment, PMA can take small and large run manufacturing out of your hands whilst still giving you full control over the labelling and batch traceability of your products. With confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as standard discretion is guaranteed.

Empty Bottle Granulation

PMA Ltd offer a unique service whereby we can collect, granulate and dispose of for recycling empty plastic bottles, whilst donating a percentage of revenue to the Water Aid charity. This contributes to reducing on site waste streams and can contribute to a companies ISO14001 accreditation obligations.

Material Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets

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ISO 9001 Quality Management

Confidentiality Agreement

Quality Assurance Program

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14001 Environmental Management

Full Traceability

Bespoke manufacture

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