Online nitrate measurement can be achieved using either a UV absorbance method or a colorimetric method. Which is the best available technology is dependent on the application.

Nitrate has a strong absorbance peak at low UV wavelengths and due to the low maintenance of operating a UV sensor and the wide dynamic range it offers, is often the preferred method.

In some applications, it may be preferable to combine chromatography with UV analysis in order to ensure separation of nitrate and nitrite prior to UV analysis.

Alternatively, for low levels of nitrate, a colorimetric method might be utilised.

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Products for this application

s::can spectro::lyser

An online UV-Vis spectrophotometer for nitrate measurement and more in drinking water and wastewater applications

s::can nitro::lyser

Online nitrate sensor for drinking water and wastewater


A new approach to online nitrate and nitrite measurement combining chromatography and UV absorption for nitrate and nitrite analysis


Industrial nitrate colorimeter for wastewater applications

Online Colorimetric Analyser


Compact nitrate colorimeter for drinking water applications

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Monitoring nitrate in groundwater

Agricultural runoff can lead to groundwater contamination with nitrate. By monitoring nitrate levels at the source an early warning system can be utilised to protect drinking water sources.

Wastewater effluent compliance monitoring

Ensuring discharge compliance for COD, BOD and ammonia can lead to multiple instruments being required and maintained, increasing the complexity for operators.  

River water pollution monitoring

In this case study, an s::can system was designed to capture pollution events along the entire length of a river to both define the baseline water quality, and identify point sources of pollution.

Anammox wastewater treatment process control – measuring nitrate and nitrite

Nitrate and nitrite are notoriously hard to quantify when in solution together. In Anammox wastewater treatment processes, however, being able to separately monitor nitrite from nitrate is crucial.

Ensuring water quality in RAS applications

RAS are finely balanced ecosystems, requiring careful control of the water quality to maximise yields and avoid a catastrophic loss of stock.  Utilising simple pH and dissolved oxygen(DO) control sometimes isn’t sufficient.

Event detection in groundwater monitoring applications

Monitoring of drinking water sources for contaminants requires an advanced event detection system based on UV-Vis spectroscopy and not just parameters. Pollution into groundwater can take many forms and by using event detection software, a flexible and intelligent system can provide the protection that is required.

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