The all-new drinking water network water quality monitoring system


The drinking water network  water quality monitoring solution for the water industry 4.0


pipe::scan is a multi-parameter water quality monitoring station that is mounted directly on a pipe in the distribution network in pressures up to ten bar.


Measure chlorine, pH, conductivity, pressure, turbidity, organics (UV254, DOC, TOC), colour and temperature in any combination using proven s::can sensors.

The components


Unique features of pipe::scan

– Complete suite of water quality parameters possible – modular setup, measure what you want to in your drinking water network

– The only water quality network system able to measure colour and organics as well as standard parameters – identify DBP formation potential hotspots and ensure discolouration is identified early before it gets to the customers tap

– Unique nanopump for sampling – nothing protrudes into the pipe and even works in stagnant conditions

– No waste to drain – no chlorinated water ever leaves the pipe

– Ability to measure water quality in pressures up to ten bar

– Hot maintenance possible – each sensor can be removed for maintenance without interrupting the flow or pressure

– Compatible with the US EPA assessed ana::tool event detection software – ideal for a water safety plan (WSP)

– Compatible with the low power concube controller – send the real-time data to any central data monitoring centre via almost any communication protocol

Find out more about how pipe::scan can help you better understand your drinking water network

pipe::scan case study

See how a water utility utilised pipe::scan in their drinking water network to better understand water quality events close to the customer

Download the pipe::scan brochure

pipe::scan compatible sensors

The sensors utilised in the pipe::scan are the already proven combination.


For turbidity (ISO 7027 or US EPA 180.1), colour and organics (DOC, TOC and UV254).


For conductivity.

pH::lyser eco

For pH and temperature.


For chlorine.


With a low power consumption and small footprint, the pipe::scan can be installed in almost any location. Incorporating multiple pipe::scan systems into a network enables a complete picture of the water quality in the system.

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