PMA demonstrate their latest technology at UU Instrumentation Day

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28 February, 2017

At the start of February, the United Utilities instrumentation framework providers presented their technology at Haweswater House in Warrington.  The focus of the meeting was to raise awareness of the instrumentation currently on the framework, however, it also enabled PMA to discuss some of the technology that we can offer that has been introduced to the UK water industry since the framework was put in place.

Senior Sales Engineer Tom Lendrem gets ready for the exhibition

Aside from the PMA instrumentation on show, there was an opportunity for each instrumentation provider to present application success stories and present on some of the technical aspects of the instrumentation on offer.  

PMA Senior Sales Engineer Tom Lendrem presented on the 3S monitor for metals analysis in drinking water treatment works, the Tytronics Sentinel for nutrient removal in wastewater treatment works and the measurement of organic parameters using the revolutionary s::can sensors.

A particular focus for PMA was on how software is revolutionising instrumentation and enabling the condensing of large amounts of data into actionable events.  The presentation was the perfect opportunity to talk about the intake protection systems PMA can offer, utilising the s::can spectro::lyser and ana::tool event detection software.

This system involves measuring the water in catchment areas across the entire UV-Visible spectrum, with software that detects when an event’ has occurred.  By training the ana::tool software as to what kind of event has occurred, the software is able to provide an alarm to operatives should such an event occur in the future.  No longer is it the case that someone needs to analyse the data coming out of the spectro::lyser, the software does all the data crunching for you.

For more information on PMA, the instrumentation on the UU framework or to learn more about how software can be integrated into s::can products to make your water treatment decisions easier, contact us at [email protected]

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