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s::can manufacture a range of online sensors for drinking water and wastewater applications. Specialising in online UV-Vis spectroscopy, the s::can spectro::lyser was one of the first submersible online UV-Vis spectrophotometers in the world. Measuring over the full UV-Vis spectrum, multiple parameters can be measured simultaneously.



s::can’s proprietary algorithms analyse and interpret the spectral data to provide measurements for many parameters including, COD, BOD, DOC, TOC dissolved H2S, as well as directly measuring much more such as nitrate, nitrite, colour and UV254. No moving parts and no reagents are used, resulting in extremely low operating costs.

spectro::lyser™ V3

The spectro::lyser™ measures the entire UV-Vis absorption spectrum and is used in both drinking water and wastewater applications. It is unique in its ability to accurately measure mulitple parameters even in challenging applications.

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy

The s::can G series

The same stable and reliable optics of the spectro::lyser, but outputting only specific parameters and not the full UV-Vis absorption spectrum.

carbo::lyser™ II / III

The carbo::lyser is ideal for wastewater applications, capable of providing real time organic carbon results and outputting them as BOD, COD, DOC or TOC. Additionally, a turbidity or TSS output can be utilised for full process control or effluent compliance.

color::lyser II

The color::lyser is a dedicated on-line colour sensor that uses no reagents. It can accurately measure colour, providing both true and apparent colour in Hazen units.

multi::lyser™ II / III

The multi::lyser is a combination of s::can carbo::lyser and nitro::lyser. That means that the s::can multi::lyser is characterised by measuring organic carbon & nitrate for a multitude of pre-defined applications.

nitro::lyser™ II

The nitro::lyser is primarily used in drinking water for groundwater monitoring or in final water applications. In wastewater, nitrate all through the process can be accurately measured. The nitrate reading is not sensitive to cross-interference from organic carbon or suspended solids.

ozo::lyser II

The ozo::lyser makes multi wavelength ozone measurement possible, ensuring high accuracy even in low concentration applications. No reagents, no membranes and just measuring ozone.


The sulfi::lyser is ideal for the measurement of sulphide, total suspended solids (TSS) and nitrate and in combination with the con::cube terminal and an additional pH::lyser it can also be used to measure H2S.

uv::lyser II

Use UV differential spectroscopy to optimise your coagulation control and target DOC removal. The UV::lyser not only measures UV254, but up to four additional wavelengths can be specified and monitored.

The s::can i::scan

The i::scan is a miniature multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe that is revolutionising online water quality monitoring.

The i::scan utilises measurement across a number of fixed wavelengths to be measure colour, UV254, %UVT, DOC, TOC, turbidity in drinking water.


A wastewater variant enables %UVT, colour, COD and TSS measurement in wastewater.

Other sensors


The multi-parameter ammo::lyser is an ion-selective electrode measurement system which device outclasses conventional analysers for ammonium, fluoride and potassium measurement. With integrated pH and temperature correction included.


Monitor free or total chlorine with a chlori::lyser™ sensor. Ideal for drinking water monitoring or industrial processes it offers a low maintenance and reagent free approach to residual chlorine monitoring.

s::can DO sensor


The oxi::lyser is an optical multi-parameter probe that measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen and the temperature directly in the water.


The condu::lyser is a maintenance-free and long-term stable probe for online measurement of conductivity, automatically compensated with temperature.


The pH::lyser is a low maintenance pH sensor using a unique non-porous design meaning the electrolyte does not get contaminated over time. Low drift and minimal calibration required. It even works in low conductivity samples.


The soli::lyser is a optical, low maintenance total suspended solids (TSS) sensor. Ideal for wastewater applications.


The fluori::lyser is an ion-selective electrode measurement system which outclasses conventional analysers for fluoride measurement. Control your fluoridation process with an s::can online fluoride sensor



The redo::lyser is a unique non-porous ORP sensor offering unrivalled performance and low cost of ownserhip due to its design. Ideal for applications where coating or poisoning of traditional ORP sensors is a problem.


The chlodi::lyser is a robust and reliable online chlorine dioxide sensor ideal for drinking water treatment and industrial applications such as cooling towers. Control your disinfection process with an s::can chlorine dioxide sensor.


The peroxy::lyser is a stable and low cost of ownership online peracetic acid (PAA) sensor ideal for wastewater treatment and industrial applications such as food and beverage manufacturing. Control your disinfection process with an s::can online PAA sensor.


The hyper::lyser is a fast response online hydrogen peroxide sensor ideal for wastewater treatment and industrial applications such as cooling towers and food and beverage applications. Ensure control of your process with an s::can online hydrogen peroxide sensor.

Truly intelligent

Our s::can range measures a wide range of parameters in numerous applications. From our very solid-state pH-probe to our highly innovative spectral probes, all our products are developed with the same philosophy in mind: s::can measuring instruments are intelligent, robust and require little or no maintenance. They can be seamlessly integrated with other s::can systems but are also compatible with third-party systems.
More than 5000 s::can monitoring systems are in use worldwide for drinking, environmental, waste, and industrial water applications.

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