Discover a new approach to total phosphorus wastewater analysis.

For many years, the water industry has searched for a total phosphorus wastewater analyser that can handle solids without excessive maintenance and measure accurately whether the phosphorus is bound or present as orthophosphate.


The Nanonord online analyser is truly unique solution to this issue, using online magnetic resonance spectroscopy to measure multiple parameters in difficult samples.

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy enables the measurement of previously difficult to measure parameters such as total phosphorus, even in samples with high levels of solids such as wastewater.

  • No reagents
  • No calibration
  • No fouling 

How does it work? Find out more.

Water Industry applications include

Wastewater influent, effluent or mid process monitoring of nutrients

Industry applications include

Sodium and Chloride measurement in the food industry (crisps/snacks)

NPK analysis in slurries

Fats and proteins in the dairy industry

No interferences – even in wastewater samples up to 10% solids.

Matrix agnostic

No reagents required

Multiple parameter.

Measure orthophosphate and total phosphorus in the same sample on the same analyser. Additional parameters such as suspended solids and nitrate can be added to the same platform.

Low maintenance, even in wastewater influent applications

Truly disruptive measurement technology for wastewater applications

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