Discover the latest water quality sensor for drinking water and wastewater compliance

Introducing i::scan

Water quality sensor for drinking water with the compact, precise and fully submersible.  Introducing the i::scan, the affordable multi-parameter water quality sensor for drinking water network monitoring of UV254, organics, colour and turbidity.

More parameters than any other water quality sensor for drinking water

The technology embedded in the i::scan sensor makes water quality monitoring with different instruments a thing of the past.  Now using multi-wavelength LEDs in a single fully submersible sensor, you can monitor a wide range of water quality parameters all on a single sensor.

Offering UV254, colour, turbidity, organic parameters (DOC/TOC) as well as %UVT, the i::scan can be used in a number of different applications, from raw water characterisation to water quality compliance in distribution networks and everywhere in between.

Demonstrate wastewater compliance with i::scan

If wastewater is your concern, the i::scan can be configured to output COD and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) enabling you to comply with your discharge consents. Alternatively, it’s the perfect tool to offer inline %UVT monitoring and ensure you minimise power usage of your UV system.

i::scan available in two different configurations

Millimetre path length

Water quality sensor for drinking water

Turbidity (ISO 7027 or US EPA 180.1)
Drinking Water Datasheet
Millimetre path length

Water quality sensor for wastewater

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Wastewater Datasheet

Benefits of the i::scan

Only i::scan is capable of crossing so many boundaries into so many applications.

Turbidity compensation technology

Reagent Free

Low power usage

Plug and measure installation

No moving parts

Mount as a dip sensor, in a flow cell or in-pipe

UV254 technology

The removal of precursors for the formation of THMs is an important aspect of drinking water treatment. Utilising the colour and UV254 function of the i::scan demonstrates effective removal of organic material during the drinking water treatment process. 

For network monitoring, combine the nephelometric turbidity measurement of the i::scan with a s::can chlori::lyser for chlorine residual monitoring, and demonstrate the drinking water you’re supplying complies with DWI standards.

Alternatively, the i::scan can be used as part of the pipe::scan to pinpoint THM formation hotspots in the distribution network. 

If wastewater effluent monitoring is your requirement, the ability to set the i::scan up for COD and TSS means that you can demonstrate compliance with your discharge consents, without using hazardous chemicals such as dichromate. Simple measurement, inline and without chemicals.

Discover more about the applications where s::can sensors can be used.

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