PMA Ltd wins contract to supply Thames Water

Process measurement & analysis Ltd have signed a contract with Thames Water to supply 300 influent/effluent monitoring systems using the latest s::can technology.

PMA have entered into a three year framework agreement with TWU to supply over three hundred effluent treatment works with influent and effluent monitoring systems gather data on determinands such as BOD, COD, CODf, TSS, NO3, NH4-N, Temp, K and others. This data will be collected using the S::CAN Ammo::lyser, Multi::lyser and Carbo::lyser. The new S::CAN Con::cube data gathering analyser with the very latest graphical touch screen interface will be used and from this the data can be reviewed in both dynamic and historical formats. The systems are also capable of disseminating data by Profibus, Analogue and IP over Internet protocols with the capability of running the very latest Vali::tool software which is intelligent asset management software reducing downtime and ‘false’ signals.

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