Your partner in precision instrumentation and control in the water and energy industry.

Where measurement has met technology for over 52 years.

Instrumentation for various industries

Providers of online instrumentation for the water, oil and gas industry and industrial applications.

Bespoke Chemical Manufacturing

Manufacturer of chemicals and reagents for instrumentation and other applications.

Award-winning customer service

On-site support from our experienced service team – maintaining our instrumentation across the UK.

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We have over 45 years of experience supplying, supporting and troubleshooting Process analysers into a wide variety of Industries. Throughout this period we have continued to offer unique technologies with an independent client focussed ethos that ultimately benefits you – our customers.

What drives us

Offering solutions to both existing and novel applications with a focus on offering the correct solution to our clients always being uppermost in our mind. By ensuring we offer the right product for the application we ensure customer satisfaction – which in turn helps PMA to continue in business against a backdrop of increasing corporate-focused instrumentation consolidation through acquisition.

Our philosophy

We believe that our success comes from satisfied clients. Therefore, we place your satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. We work with honesty, integrity and with a commitment to the highest level of service possible.

Some of our valued clients

Below is a brief selection of user organisations that have benefitted from or instrumentation, services and experience. We approach all clients, small or large; with an equal professional enthusiasm that we hope has in some small way helped them to become more successful.