Online chemical analysis of wastewater and industrial water.

Discover the new and improved version of the Tytronics Sentinel, the Accuseries.

Multi-stream and multi-parameter

Designed to handle turbid, difficult samples such as wastewater, the Accuseries is a fully programmable, multi-parameter online analyser which is both simple to use and maintain. Combined with quality assured PMA reagents, the Accuseries is the online analyser of choice for industrial and wastewater operators looking for low cost of ownership over its lifetime.

More features of the new Accusseries

Reliable sample capture mechanism – same volume every time.

Wide bore tubing – handles turbid samples up to 500mg/l suspended solids without compromising performance.

Flexible – can be operated as a colorimeter or a titrator.

A simple graphical user interface (GUI) – easy for operators to use.

Auto calibration – performance over time.

Multi-parameter – monitors several analytes with one analyser.

Optimised for ease of use

The simple graphic user interface and modular design make the Accuseries easy to use and maintain. A user with no chemistry experience can use the analyser and control their process with minimal training. Simple step by step instructions are displayed to guide the operator through the calibration and set it to run automatically for continuous monitoring.

Industry leading chemical analysis

Ideal Industries and Applications

  • Chloro-alkali analysers, brines,  Cyanide, thiocyanate, formaldehyde, copper, silica, chromium 3+, total chromium, urea, hardness, Nickel
  • Polymer production
  • Effluents
Food & Beverage
  • Food-process monitoring, hypochlorite, chlorine
  • Effluents
Municipal Water & Wastewater
  • Drinking / potable water − alkalinity, aluminum, chlorine, colour, copper, fluoride, hardness, iron, manganese, nitrate, nitrites, phosphates, zinc
  • Wastewater – alkalinity, ammonia, cyanide (free), Iron, nitrates, phosphate, zinc
Natural Gas Processing
  • Amine analysis − concentration, sulfide gas loading, total acid gas loading
Oil & Refining / Petrochemical
  • Acidity of hydrocarbon samples
  • Amine analysis − concentration, sulphide gas loading, total acid gas loading
  • Boiler waters
  • Process monitoring
  • Effluents
  • Wastewater – copper, nickel, chromium, cobalt Silver, and other metals
  • Silica, Hydrazine, Phosphate, Chloride, Sulphate, Chlorine in Seawater, Bromine
Pulp & Paper
  • Paper coatings
  • Wastewater
  • Etch – hydrogen bromides, hydrogen chlorides, hydrogen fluorides, hydrogen sulphides
  • Process water – acidity, alkalinity, Silica
  • Wastewater − Acidity, Copper, Sulphides, Fluorides, chlorides, bromides
  • Control plating operation – copper
Steel Manufacturing
  • Plating operation control
  • Effluents

Application Notes

Wastewater effluent monitoring in a refinery

Monitor wastewater effluent for alkalinity, ammonia, nitrate or metals with an Accuseries analyser.

CMP Wastewater treatment in Semiconductors manufacturing

Monitor wastewater for hydrogen peroxide, copper, acid or alkalinity with an Accuseries analyser.

Sour Water stripping in a refinery

Measure ammonia, sulphide, phenol or cyanide with an Accuseries analyser.

Caustic Scrubber control and measurement

Measure caustic concentration rather than pH for true control of caustic scrubbing gas abatement

One of the keys to Galvanic Applied Science’s leadership in on-line analysis, is our commitment to consistent and accurate methodology — colorimetry, ISE, colorimetric or potentiometric titrations. Galvanic’s analysers are easy to operate and maintain, even by novice users. With our expert support team to assist you with custom-configuration and training, you can be assured that your measurements of acids, ammonia, bases, metals, nitrate, phosphate, etc., are always precise … and cost-effective.

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