Online sodium analyser for ultra pure water monitoring.

Reliable, continous monitoring

With our online sodium analyser you can ensure ultra-pure water is produced with a continuous sodium analyser for your demineralisation or steam raising plant. Protect your power plant with reliable online sodium measurement.


Features of our new online sodium analyser

Wide dynamic range from 0.01ppb to 10ppm

Automatic calibration program

Low flow alarm

Comprehensive calibration and alarm datalog

for full audit trail capability

Low operating cost with small reagent usage

Intuitive interface


Protect your power plant with our onlinr sodium analyser

This online sodium analyser monitors low levels of sodium in the power industry using the well established potentiometric ISE method for continuous monitoring. Ensure the purity of water and steam used in boilers and turbines. Use it as an early warning for condenser leakages or the malfunction of ion exchangers.


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Water moving through a power plant must be carefully monitored. In boilers, it must be extremely high quality, since it affects both performance and the overall boiler life.

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