Slurry Density Meter (SDM)

The all-new and non-atomic slurry density meter which uses HART technology for improved communication.

Non-Nuclear – Durable – Low Cost

This SDM which is new to our product line and is highly suitable for density analysis in many kinds of slurries. This product differentiates itself with its unique sustainable technology and its particular design for dredging and mineral processing applications.

Discover more about the SDM including installation aspects and how it works

The SDM uses new sensor technologies like


The PEEK material is replaced by a ceramic material. This gives the probe better ultrasonic properties like a stronger and more intense signal.


The sensor tip is extended which results in a longer life cycle of the new sensor.


The sensor and housing can be easily separated which makes the SDM very flexible in case of maintenance.

Resilient, reliable and accurate

Our all-new SDM has just a single sensor, employing a unique measuring technology. This enables very accurate density measurements in light to very dense slurries. Making it the most reliable choice every time.

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The SDM can be used for the following industries:

  • Mining and Minerals
  • Dredging
  • Building Materials
  • Energy & Power supply
  • Any other industry or application where any form of density measurement is required.

Uses integrated HART protocol

Our Slurry Density Meter has its sensor, analyser, cables and software integrated with just one system. Allowing this new density meter to weigh less than its predecessor.  In addition to this, the ‘HART’ protocol is integrated to improve communication. The SDM has new sensor material and is, therefore, suitable for new and more challenging applications.

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