HAA5 Formation Potential

Online automatic coagulation control systems utilising UV-Vis spectroscopy and can be configured to output a HAA5 formation potential parameter based on NOM characterisation of the raw water entering the drinking water treatment works.

By measuring formation potential in the raw water you can identify the level of the source risk, and  it tells you how much treatment you need. By also measuring on the filtered water before chlorination you can show in real time what your removal of the THM and HAA pre-cursors are and you can optimise the plant to remove these and not just generic NOM.

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Products for this application

Compass Coagulation Control

An online automatic coagulation control system to minimise filtered water turbidity breakthrough, ensure maximum organics removal and optimise coagulant dosing

s::can spectro::lyser

A fully submersible online UV-Vis spectrophotometer for measuring across the UV-Visible spectrum

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Ensure organics removal with Compass EOR – the advanced feedback coagulation control system

Compass EOR (enhanced organics removal) is a coagulation control system which characterises NOM and automatically ensures the right amount of coagulant is being dosed to remove the organics in the raw water entering a water treatment works.

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