Oil in Water (OIW)

Oil in Water moniotring typically refers to the measurement of mineral oils in process water from industrial applications.  This may be from lubricating oils, transformer oils, crude oil, diesel, gas condensate, kerosene or BTEX. Discharge of the oils into the environment is strictly controlled and also often measured at the intake of a drinking water treatment works.

In a laboratory, oil in water (OIW) is typically measured using GC-FID in accordance with ISO 9377-2 but this method is not conducive to online monitoring. Online monitoring is usually carried out by UV fluorescence which is highly sensitive to the aromatic hydrocarbon content of mineral oils.

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Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments – online and portable OIW monitoring

Online and portable oil in water analyses for industry and environmental protection applcaitions.

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Ensuring compliance with cooling water with UV fluorescence

Oil in water monitoring prevents contamination of cooling towers, heat exchangers and steam condensate. Oil from heat exchanger leakages in cooling water causes at best the fouling of the packing leading to inefficient cooling of the water or at worse a potential shutdown of the plant. Oil and grease in the discharge water can also mean a hefty fine from the Environment Agency (EA).


The advantages of using UV fluorescence in Oil in Water monitoring

UV fluorescence is the best available technology for measuring oil in water, especially so when measuring low levels of oil contamination such as in wastewater discharges, cooling water and steam condensate contamination and in intake protection applications.

Intake protection – raw water oil in water detection for water treatment works

Learn more about UV fluorescence and oil in water detection in intake protection applications – as mentioned in the “Contamination Warning Systems” chapter of Security and Emergency Planning for Water and Waste Water Utilities, the American Water Works Association has recognized the TD-4100 series monitors as a method for detection BTEX and dissolved fuels in drinking water intake.


Solvent free oil in water measurement

The use of solvent for oil in water monitoring is expensive and cumbersome. It’s also no longer necessary.  The simple extraction method utilised by Turner Design portable instruments eliminates the requirement to use of hexane, pentane, carbon tetrachloride or any other solvent.

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