Online colour monitoring is carried out in drinking water treatment works to monitor the raw water for organic content and ensure its removal throughout the treatment process. A colour analyser typically measures the absorbance at 400nm or in the UV region of the spectrum to determine the apparent colour of the water, and if a turbidity correction factor is applied to this, the true colour can also be determined.

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s::can spectro::lyser

An online UV-Vis spectrophotometer for colour measurement and more in drinking water.

s::can color::lyser

Online colour analyser for true and apparent colour measurement.

s::can i::scan

A simple online colour sensor for true and apparent colour monitoring.

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In pipe water quality network monitoring

Measuring multiple key water quality parameters including UV254, colour and turbidity using an in-pipe setup.

Organic Carbon monitoring in the environment

Since the 2013 report from the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), a major effort has been made to understand the migration of carbon from the land to the ocean via the catchment drainage systems in the UK.

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