Event Detection

Event Detection Software utilises the power of online UV-Vis spectroscopy to identify events outside of the normal water quality changes, be that at the inlet to water or wastewater treatment works, or actually in the network itself.

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy is the most powerful tool available for identifying unusual changes as it is not reliant on a single parameter, but rather on the UV-Vis spectrum as whole, or on the basis of a number of parameters and the relationships between them.

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Products for this application

s::can spectro::lyser

An online UV-Vis spectrophotometer combined with the Ana::tool event detection software

s::can pipe::scan

pipe::scan is a multi-parameter water quality monitoring station that is mounted directly on a pipe in the distribution network in pressures up to ten bar.

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Event Detection in water using UV-Vis spectroscopy

Ana::tool is a piece of event detection software that is embedded onto a s::can concube controller and works with s::can sensors such as the spectro::lyser.

Network monitoring with pipe::scan

The pipe::scan enables utilities to better understand their network, proactively manage issues such as THM formation hotspots and prevent customer complaints before they occur.

Monitoring groundwater sources with event detection software

Monitoring of drinking water sources for contaminants requires an advanced event detection system based on UV-Vis spectroscopy and not just parameters.

Remote drinking water quality monitoring utilising the power of s::can software

This s::can case study demonstrates the power of moni::tool and ana::tool combined with a microstation setup, all combined to create a network of remote monitoring stations.

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