Portable Oil in Water Analysers utilising advanced UV fluorescence technology

Designed to be user friendly

The TD550 and TD560 use the same fundamental platform with common features aimed to ensure ease of use for operators and compatible with TDHI’s No-Solvent extraction method.

Next evolution

TD‐550 and TD‐560 Oil in Water Analyser

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is proud to introduce the new standard in discrete oil in water sample analysis with the ruggedised TD‐550 and TD‐560. Based on our experience with the highly successful TD‐500D and TD‐3100, the TD‐550 and TD‐560 includes many new features and benefits providing simple operator interaction, superior detection capabilities increased linear range and low cost.


* Large colour touchscreen for ease of use – minimise operator workflows
* Compatible with both traditional extraction methods and TDHI’s No-Solvent extraction method
* Easily correlate results with standard OIW methods such as USEPA 1664A and ISO 9377‐2
* How to instructional videos included on the TD‐550 and TD‐560 screen – less training required
* No consumables – low opex

designed around you

The next evolution in portable oil in water monitoring.



Designed for crude oils and other oils with a low API.

Large linear range.



Designed for refined oils including lube oils, diesel and BTEX.

Low ppb detection limits possible with some hydrocarbons.

Looking for the TD500D?

The TD-500D is the least expensive, lightest, smallest and simplest to use.

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Our team of dedicated field support group technicians are vastly experienced in applications and installations.  We therefore appreciate and understand how analysers work, why they were installed and what data they typically ought to produce.

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