Real-time Nitrate & Nitrite Analyser

A revolutionary new analyser which is truly selective for both nitrate & nitrite measurement in everything from raw water to distribution network monitoring and even into wastewater applications.

Delivering laboratory accuracy in the field for both nitrate and nitrite.

Broad analytical range, combining chromatography with UV analysis for unbeatable detection limits.

Instantaneous data transmission to your SCADA or telemetry system and/or the dedicated Datamonitrix data management platform.

High accuracy and specificity – no interference – even in wastewater samples.

Matrix agnostic

Low power and chemical consumption. Low OpEx.

Easy setup, low need for intervention, straight-forward servicing and long intervals between services.

Low requirement for specialist technical skills.costs.

Game-changing performance 

Applications include

Monitor nitrification in distribution monitoring.

Process control and optimisation of wastewater treatment

Understand nitrous oxide production in wastewater treatment

Environmental compliance 

Catchment/watershed and groundwater studies

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

Find out more about the US EPA validation of the Aquamonitrix nitrate and nitrite analyser.

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Case Study – discover how Aquamonitrix enabled a water utility to demonstrate nitrite compliance in final water.

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