Turbidity Analysis Simplified

The PTV 1000 is our all-new turbidity analyser for low-level turbidity measurement in drinking water and other applications.


User developed system

To develop the PTV1000, a team was assembled comprising of the worlds best-known experts in turbidity measurement. They were tasked with creating a new turbidity analyser that addressed all of the technical issues customers struggle with. These advancements, along with the addition of state-of-the-art communications and user interface make the PTV 1000 the real new standard in turbidity analysis.

A user inspired system

8 key factors to consider about the PTV 1000

  • Unique and patented integrated bubble trap
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Simple user interface via touchscreen or App
  • Low flow requirements (<100ml/min)
  • ISO 7027 or EPA 180.1 compliant optical design
  • Simple to install
  • Easy calibration and verification
  • Low TOTEX

Why choose the PTV 1000 turbidity analyser?

Small volume flow bodyReduced water consumption Faster response times Easier to cleanReduced water loss Reduced calibration solution requirement Early notification of an event Lower maintenance
Internal ‘light dump’Captures stray light – increased reproducibilityImproved performance
Innovative designRemoves bubble interference Easier to clean No ‘nooks and crannies’ Compact size Easy access for grab samples Icon based interfaceLower maintenance Improved performance Easy operation
Mobile interfaceControl/manage multiple instruments with one controller Data and statistics managerAll info is in one location
Wet standard calibrationCalibration with primary standard made easy and safeAbsolute confidence with no risk to user

Looking for video guides?

We have added some short video tutorials which are designed to give you a brief introduction to installation, calibration, verification and maintenance of the PTV 1000 turbidity analyser.

Non-contact stabilised formazin

More about T-Cal plus calibration solutions.

No longer is verification with a secondary standard the only option. T-CAL® Turbidity Standards are non-hazardous primary calibration standards which when used with the T-CALplus™ packaging allow stabilised formazin to be used for calibration, without exposing the user to the solution.   Simple to use, no waste and no spillage.

Safe for the user

The T-CALplus™ packaging is highly durable, which results in the user never coming into contact with the solution. Exposure to chemicals is immediately eliminated.

Easy to mix

For mixing start by squeezing and manipulating the packaging for around a minute to ensure it is accurately mixed, and it’s ready to use.

No Bubbles

Having Bubbles in your sample can be a significant interference in turbidity measurement. Our T-CALplus™ packaging is vacuum sealed, allowing users to mix a bubble free standard.

Interactive view

Discover how the use of T-CALplus™ Standards simplify the calibration and verification process.

If you’re happy using secondary solid standards for verification, no problem, they’re available too.

Smart interface

Rethink the controller

The PTV 1000 turbidity analyser has two ways for users to interact with the instrument. The user can use the local touch screen, or they can connect to the sensors using the AquaLXP™ App (iOS and Android).
A log of every reading, calibration, verification, cleaning or other maintenance performed over the lifetime of the sensor is registered on the instrument. Ideal for turbidity compliance reporting.

User friendly instructions

By incorporating procedures and technical pointers, all users have quick and easy access to everything they need at their fingertips.


For security purposes, we employ the latest proximity sensors to allow the operator to work on the sensor. Combining this with the ability to password protect two layers of access, operators and supervisors can be assured of data integrity.

Generate data

Operators can extract vital data which can help identify trends faster by viewing or exporting the information for a selected period as a table or as a graph.

Minimal training

App based interface means operators find it easy to use and navigate. No more complicated menu structures!

AquaLXP™ at your fingertips


Download the PTV 1000 turbidity analyser brochure

Size 800kb

Turbidity analyser white paper – a comparison between the PTV1000 and the 1720E

By Mike Sadar

Turbidity analyser white paper – optimising filter performance with laser turbidity instruments

By Mike Sadar

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With over 25 years of experience designing some of the worlds most popular turbidity instruments, Mike Sadar is well known as a turbidity expert across the globe. At WWEM 2018, Mike joined PMA to present the new PTV1000 turbidity analyser and we took the opportunity to interview him about his career and how to design the best turbidity instrument possible.

Installing, calibrating, verifying and maintenance of a PTV1000 turbidity analyser

Want to know more about how to install and use your PTV1000?


Check out these handy video guides to ensuring you get the best from your turbidity analyser.

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Turbidity can be a complex measurement to do, especially at the very low levels required in UK drinking water production. Measurement can be affected by the size and shape of the material scattering the light, the sample colour and then the distribution of the material in the sample.


“We have installed 3 demonstration units and each installation was a breeze that delivered excellent data. You can immediately tell it is a better measurement than the older technology by the lower reading it provides. The patented light dump does an excellent job of eliminating stray light.”

M. Lynch

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