Caustic / NaOH

NaOH online monitors are often used in a wide range of industrial applications in scrubbers and by measuring caustic concentration online, process control can be achieved. Sodium hydroxide concentration monitoring may also be found in chemical plants where NaOH is used as component in the manufacturing process such as in fertiliser manufacturing.

Online measurement of caustic or sodium hydroxide can be achieved via online titration or with an inline sensor measuring ultrasonic velocity.

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Products for this application


An online titrator for hydroxide concentration measurement.


An inline ultrasound velocity sensor for caustic concentration determination.

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Online caustic scrubber analysis control

Caustic scrubbers are a necessary yet potentially costly treatment process in refineries and ethylene plants, used to ensure a high quality end product.

For optimal removal of gases, it may be necessary to add high amounts of caustic, often however, poor control by utilising pH measurement rather than an online caustic analyser leads to over-dosing of caustic into the scrubber.

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