Ferrozine Iron Reagent Kit for trace iron analysis. 

Ferrozine Iron Reagent is used for the measurement of Ferrous (Fe2+) and Ferric Fe(Fe3+) species in water samples.  

PMA supplies ferrozine as a powder for your own use, as a ready to use solution or as a complete reagent  kit for trace iron analysis.


PMA supplies our Ferrozine solutions to worldwide industries including the utilities sector, power stations, breweries and private companies wanting an economic, simple, reliable and user friendly solution to iron monitoring.


PMA’s Ferrozine reagent kit is guaranteed for use with the Tytronics sentinal analyser; the first online analyser capable of both process and chemical analysis of potable and waste water. The flexibility of the Tytronics Sentinal analyser  permits iron analysis up to 2ppm in potable water.


Ferrozine reacts with the Iron in the water sample forming a purple complex with a colour intensity directly proportional to the concentration of Iron in solution.  The Tytronics Sentinal measures this intensity and automatically calculates the Iron concentration.

Custom White Labelling

PMA are also able to white label supply Ferrozine reagents.

Physical characteristics of ferrous complex

The colorimetric reagent for iron, ferrozine or disodium salt of 3-(2-pyridyl)-5,6-bis(4-phenylsulfonic acid)-1,2,4-triazine  have similar sensitivity to the 2,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine (commonly known as TPTZ) and costs substantially less than other commercial. The ferrozine method is recommended for ferrous measurement rather than the TPTZ method because of its lower autoreduction rate and measurements are not delayed beyond the standard color development time needed. The two major advantages of the use of ferrozine for ferrous measurement are its sensitivity and its low cost.


In 1970, Stookey reported the synthesis of ferrozine which complexed with ferrous iron to form a tris ferrozine/iron, Fe(Fz)3 complex. At wavelength of 562 nm, the molar absorptivity is 27900 and the Beer-Lambert law is obeyed to around 4 mg/liter of Fe.


Spectrophotometric titration has showed that ferrozine forms the expected tris complex with ferrous iron. The end point for the titration of 9×10-6mole of ferrozine occurs at 3×10-6 mole of ferrous ion. The magenta Fe(ligand)32+ species will generate completely in aqueous solution between the pH values of 4 and 9. Once generated between these values, the complex is stable.

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