spectro::lyser V3

Realise the power of online UV-Vis spectrophotometers for water quality monitoring with the V3 s::can spectro::lyser

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A fully submersible online water quality sensor for drinking water and wastewater analysis. Achieve process control or compliance whatever your needs.

s::can specialise in online UV-Vis spectroscopy for water quality monitoring. Utilising the power of chemistry to derive large amounts of information about water quality, whether drinking water or wastewater from the UV-Vis spectrum. s::can’s proprietory algorithms for turbidity compensation set them apart from other online sensors. By measuring turbidity at multiple wavelengths across the spectrum, only s::can sensors can measure accurately even in spates and other highly turbid applications.

The latest generation in UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

The UV-Vis spectrum as produced by a spectro::lyser showing both the raw spectrum and the turbidity compensated spectrum.

The graph below shows the effect of turbidity on the UV-Vis spectrum. Only by being able to compensate effectively for turbidity at all wavelengths can true accuracy for UV254, true colour and more be achieved.

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Access the full UV-Vis spectrum data for a better understanding of water quality
  • Multiparameter monitoring in a flash with online UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • Ditch the controller! – Connect your sensor directly to your SCADA/DCS via a web browser. No additional software required.
  • Stable and robust Xenon flash lamp optics – long lifetime in the field
  • Unique turbidity compensation approach – accurate measurement even in highly turbid samples
  • Plug and measure – pre-calibrated based on years of experience in different applications
  • No consumables or reagents required – a low TotEx approach
  • Multiple installation approaches available – direct in-process and flow cell
  • Configurable to your application whether drinking water, wastewater or process water – adjust the path length to suit your sample
  • Ideal for use in remote monitoring – power consumption as low as 60mW and a large onboard data storage capacity

Specialists in online UV-Vis spectroscopy

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The next generation

Intelligent IoT enabled online UV-Vis spectrophotometer with integrated webserver for smart water quality monitoring.

Multiparameter monitoring in a flash. Choose the parameters you want to measure for your application from any that can be derived from the UV-Vis spectrum.

Drinking Water

In drinking water applications, use the V3 s::can spectro::lyser for UV254, colour, nitrate, DOC, TOC, BTX, turbidity and of course use the full UV-Vis spectrum for event detection. The spectro::lyser is ideal for raw water coagulation control applications and catchment monitoring.


Create your own monitoring station by pairing your optical spectro::lyser sensor with a s::can sensor for other parameters such as pH, conductivity, fluoride and more.


In wastewater applications, utilise the V3 s::can spectro::lyser for COD, BOD, TOC, nitrate, nitrite, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), total suspended solids (TSS) and of course use the full UV-Vis spectrum. The spectro::lyser is ideal for inlet monitoring, aeration tanks and effluent compliance applications.


Combine your optical spectro::lyser sensor with a s::can sensor for additional parameters including ammonium, pH and dissolved oxygen (DO).

Industrial Process Control

In industrial applications, utilise the V3 s::can spectro::lyser for ozone, COD, BOD, TOC, nitrate, nitrite, total suspended solids (TSS) and of course use the full UV-Vis spectrum. The spectro::lyser is ideal for process control, disinfection monitoring and effluent monitoring.


Monitor more than optical parameters with a s::can sensor for physical parameters including conductivity and pH.

The perfect measuring range and accuracy for every application

The spectro::lyser V3 is available with three different optical path lengths.

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy

drinking water: 35 mm

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy

surface water or wastewater effluent: 5 mm

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy

waste water: 1 mm

Wireless communication – Io::Tool

Intuitive web interface for data visualization and configuration of the V3 spectro::lyser – ditch the controller and connect your spectro::lyser directly to your DCS.

Online UV-Vis spectroscopy

Want to know more about how the s::can spectro::lyser and how online UV-Vis spectroscopy is used in water quality monitoring? Discover how it could help you by viewing our case studies and applications notes here.

View case studies and application notes below.

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